The book series Creepy Romance is a collaboration between Cosondra Sjostrom and 50 Artists each year. Each book is a collection of eerie unconventional…yet romantic love quotes paired with original artwork from a variety of talented well-known artists. Each artist was given a creepy love quote written by Cosondra Sjostrom and then has 30 days to complete their artwork inspired by the quote. Our artists range from Marvel & DC comics, Adult Swim, FOXADHD, Pixar, Dreamworks, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Pixomondo, Sony, Robot Chicken, Disney, along with solo and emerging artists.

Creepy Romance is merging the creepy and romantic worlds together. On it’s fourth edition of the series.

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Let’s Face it. We are all Creeps and We all Fall in Love.

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Cosondra Sjostrom – Author / Creator

Cosondra has been a creative writer since she was in grade school. With three highly successful sold out Editions of Creepy Romance under her belt. She developed the concept of Creepy Romance in 2010 and built it into the creature it is today. She has been the brains behind many viral youtube comedy sketches and online social media commentary for various famous people.  She grew up in the unconventional coast of Oregon. She graduated from NW Film School and Portland State University on the beautiful hip town of Portland, Oregon. She was first published in college when she lived in Portland, Oregon. Then moved to New York to attended T. Schreiber Acting Studio in NYC, and UCB New York, and performed improv in venues all over New York. Cosondra is best known for being a creator, improv, quick wit, online comedy, being one of those vegans, and sometimes being a little bit awkward and creepy. Currently living in Los Angeles.