Interview with Author Cosondra Sjostrom.

Who is Cosondra?

Cosondra Sjostrom – Author of Creepy Romance
Cosondra has been a creative writer since she was in grade school. With one highly successful 1st Edition of Creepy Romance under her belt, the 2nd Edition is on it’s way. She developed the concept of Creepy Romance in 2010 and built it into the creature it is today. She has been the brains behind many highly successful youtube comedy sketches and online social media commentary for various people.  She grew up in the unconventional coast of Oregon. She was first published in college when she lived in the beautiful hip town of Portland, Oregon. Where she graduated from NW Film School and Portland State University. Then moved to New York to attended T. Schreiber Acting Studio in NYC, and UCB New York, and performed improv in venues all over New York. Cosondra is best known for her acting, improv, quick wit, online social media comedy, being one of those vegans, and sometimes being a little bit creepy. Currently living in Los Angeles.

What inspired you to create Creepy Romance?

Well…I’m a creep. (laughs) You know when you’re in love and you say something to your lover that ends up sounding like you want to kill them, but you meant it to be endearing and comical? That happens to me…a lot. I don’t like to censor my emotions around people that I like so I often get myself into trouble. Also, I’ve always been an art lover and I wanted to combine creepy romantic quotes with emotional images created by other people. I love the interpretation that each artist has for their quote. I’ve been developing Creepy Romance since 2010 and launched the 1st Edition in 2014.

What is your writing process?

I talk to myself out loud more than I should. Muses are real. Having a muse and muse worthy people in my life is a must. I spend time around people that I adore and admire to capture those feelings of love. I never like to write in front of people or in public places, the energy of everyone can alter my mood. I like to be in an isolated environment.

How do you get all of the artists for Creepy Romance?

I’ve always been an art lover and mostly all of my friends are creative and artistic so, I gathered a bunch of my friends, When that well ran dry I started cruising instagram. It was like it was Friday night at the club and I  used my best pickup lines on my favorite artists and I got lucky. I am truly thankful for the talent involved with Creepy Romance. The books have so many brilliant pages of art that sometimes I can’t even believe how many great artists are supporting the project.

Do you ever get writers block and what do you do?

Yes, I’d like to think everyone gets writers block. The problem with writing emotional work is that you have to feel each piece when you write it. When I get writers block, there are several different tactics that I use to start getting into the mood again; either calling a friend to talk, listening to music, thinking about time spent with someone, or even just having a fantasy.

What are you working on now?

The 3rd Edition of Creepy Romance, of course. I am also writing comedy sketches and I  have a few films coming up in 2015.

What are some of your favorite Quotes so far, from the 1st and 2nd Edition?

Honestly, it depends on what is going on in my life. “I die a little more every moment I spend without you.” “I want to crack your ribs open and cuddle your heart.” “I knew it was the death of me when I met you because it was the start of us.” “I miss you between every breath.” “Even after death I’ll still come home to you.” “The easiest way to kill me is to stop loving me.”

Do you have any advice for new authors?

If you have an idea, bounce the idea off of some friends and see the kind of response you get. If you are getting a good response then start developing your concept. Thousands of people have great creative ideas, but never create them. The world needs more creative people starting projects. Please take as much time as you can at the end of your work/life day and start creating. The world needs you. The world needs new ideas and new ways to connect with each other. Also, I love you.