Book Specs: 6″ x 9″ high-quality one-of-a-kind Original Art Book with perfect binding with approx. 50-55 pages of quotes and artwork. 70# Offset Smooth paper for quality art printing.Creepy Romance II’ was introduced into the world January 2015. “Muses are real. Having a muse and muse worthy people in my life is a must. I spend time around people that I adore and admire to capture those feelings of love.” – Cosondra Sjostrom

‘Creepy Romance III’ was introduced into the world January 2016. “Well…I guess it’s official, I’m a creep.” – Cosondra Sjostrom – Cosondra Sjostrom

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The book series Creepy Romance is a collaboration between Cosondra Sjostrom and 50 Artists each year. Each book is a collection of eerie unconventional…yet romantic love quotes paired with original artwork from a variety of talented well-known artists. Each artist was given a creepy love quote written by Cosondra Sjostrom and then has 30 days to complete their artwork inspired by the quote. Our artists range from Marvel & DC comics, Adult Swim, FOXADHD, Pixar, Dreamworks, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Pixomondo, Sony, Robot Chicken, Disney, along with emerging artists. Order your copy now.

    A few quotes from Creepy Romance III:

“The curse is, my demented darling, you will always mean something to me.”
“Tread softly because you tread on the graveyard inside my heart.”
“Every night you whisper “I love you,” while I’m sleeping and it keeps me awake. Every morning I visit your grave and tell you, “I love you too.””

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Creepy Romance III Artists:
Corey Reyyy Lewis, Menton3, Koveck, Jon Schnepp, Will Carsola, Mekaya, Jarvy Blánquez, Larry Ho, Tula Lotay, Kristina Ellery, Angelo Hat, Zachary Scheer, Paul Granese, Mike Primavera, Heather Gross, Scott Radke, Denae Wilkowski, Chris Rivers, Erin Hunting, Sophia Rapata, Sean Glaze, Annika Adjani, Mark Hadley, Thom Foolery, Frank Synowicz, Thomas Moua, Jessica Dalva, Jeffrey Chamba, Phil Guy, Matthew G. Lewis, Jordan Rowe, Lupe Flores, Davel F. Hamue, Richie Velazquez, Greg Auerbach, JQ Hammer, Mary Alice White, James Wilde, Davis, Fenix, Phillip Ray Orabuena, D Cobain, Joshua Emerick, Nick Bear, Jeremy Polgar,Sean Tully, Kimmie Maire, KsquaredArt, John Vochatzer, Rodrigo Cifuentes, and Julie Filipenko

Please Order your copy now. Help us create. Let’s Face it. We are all Creeps and We all Fall in Love.