Book Specs: 6″ x 9″ high-quality one-of-a-kind Original Art Book with perfect binding with approx. 50-55 pages of quotes and artwork. 70# Offset Smooth paper for quality art printing.

‘Creepy Romance VI’ released Feb 1st 2017.x
“Who knew all these romantically charged feelings that torment me…also live within others.” – Cosondra Sjostrom

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The book series Creepy Romance is a collaboration between  Cosondra Sjostrom and 50 Artists each year. Each book is a collection of eerie unconventional…yet romantic love quotes paired with original artwork from a variety of talented well-known artists. Each artist was given a creepy love quote written by Cosondra Sjostrom and then has 30 days to complete their artwork inspired by the quote. Our artists range from Marvel & DC comics, Adult Swim, FOXADHD, Pixar, Dreamworks, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Pixomondo, Sony, Robot Chicken, Disney, along with emerging artists.


A few quotes from Creepy Romance IV:

“For there is a thin line between love and death.”
“Your love branded my heart and every time you speak the scar bleeds a little, but I don’t care because I hear your voice.”
“I’ll hold you as you watch the sun dance with the darkness for the last time.”
“They say it’s a sin to predict the future, but when I look at you I see my destiny.”
“I made a dream out of my scars and created you while I was dreaming.”
“If I let you disappear into forgotten yesterdays, our tomorrows would never exist.”
“You asked “How can you love me?” My reply “because you are the only thing that has ever made me feel.”

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Creepy Romance VI Artists:
Jon Schnepp, Will Carsola, John Vochatzer, John Crow, J.Q. hammer, Jeff Carlisle, Angus Oblong., Konstantin Steshenko, JoRowe, Daniel Kern, Crap Panther, Ken Garduno, Deladeso, Scoobtoobins, GHOULKISS, Jeremy Polgar, Frank Synowicz, Malojo, Sara Zaher, Ciou, James Wilde XO, Dallas Hoisington, Austin Hillebrecht, Carolina Seth, Zachary Scheer, Tonymech, Erik Ferguson, V Holecek, Jarvy Blaq, Nicholas Nickleby Johnson, Gabriel Picolo, Jamie McClead, Kevin Bourgeois, Cold Tony, Angelo Hat, ZacK Dunn, Dave Castr, Gordon Lindholm, SPINESTEALER, Oscar Ayotzintli, Mary Manchin, Frank (FRANX) Barbara, Chris Waterman, Jeremiah Scott, Rachel Chu, Rome da luce, Larry Z. Ho, Christine Coffee, Michael Ewing, Levi Prewitt, Matt Gordon, Chris Rivers, and Cricket Elijah.